Serving the Widows


(Samantha Francis with some of the RHHI widows in a village in south India)

RHHI also serves widows in local vicinity of the orphanage by providing them with meals each Sunday and clothing items.  RHHI currently employs a few of these widows to care for the children at the orphanage.  The local state government of Andhra Pradesh provides a stipend of just $15 per month to help 60 percent of the elderly folks in the community with their living expenses.  Outside of this small assistance, our ministry is not aware of any further assistance that is provided regularly to assist the poor older people in this community.   Most of the elderly in the community are illiterate and too aged to do any significant labor.  It is RHHI’s desire and aim with God’s help to increase our aid to these widows and other poverty stricken souls around the world.

You may help to clothe and feed one or more of these poor widows for only $25 monthly or through partial assistance in any amount by clicking on the donate button and choosing this cause.

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