Serving the Tribal Peoples


Highlights on Conditions in the Tribal Regions

Tribal areas (from which the RHHI children come), in the mountains of south India, typically consist of villages with approximately 30 to 35 people residing in 10 to 15 huts. These villages are accessible only on foot because the paths are impassable by vehicles.  The villages are not always registered with the Indian Government due to their remote locations.  Each village is separated by a mountain and is approximately 40 to 50 miles from any roadways.  The villages have no schools or hospitals, nor proper water or food supply.  Due to the insufficient water supply, villagers often use rain water from ponds nearby, resulting in disease.  Their land is not useful for cultivating crops, therefore nutrition is poor.  Additionally, the mountain regions are home to many wild animals, such as tigers and wild pigs, which attack the inhabitants. Once they are attacked, they usually die due to the lack of medical care.

Additionally high levels of illicit sexual activity often result in diseases, such as HIV/AIDS.  According to data from the World Bank, south India’s Andhra Pradesh state, where the orphanage is located, has the highest number of AIDS-infected individuals in India. Therefore the number of orphans due to HIV/AIDS is increasing.  Several, if not all these factors have affected children at the RHHI Children’s Home.  RHHI has done evangelism in these regions that has resulted in some of these tribal people becoming Christians.  RHHI plans further evangelism and church planting efforts in these regions.  However, RHHI also desires to help these poor people physically, as well as developing a line of income through such things as producing honey for sale and possibly bringing a local clinic and education center to each tribal village.  RHHI seeks to serve and provide for the needs of this disadvantaged group, for whom God has commanded believers to care.  We hope that you will join us in this effort through your prayers and financial support.


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