RHHI Kids in their new Home! Glory to God!

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Thank you for partnering with RHHI to complete the living quarters of the Children’s Home!

RHHI purchased property and began construction on a new facility in the village of Pachilavani Palem, in rural Andhra Pradesh in order to build proper living quarters and increase the capacity to take in additional children.  Unfortunately, RHHI’s almost 30 children now live in a small water damaged building.  The children even slept sitting up in water at one point, so the need for a new structure is vital. Our goal is to complete construction on this multi-purpose facility that will be used to help better the lives of the orphans, widows, the elderly and other members of the community, spiritually and physically.

The facility includes a two-story building, which will serve several purposes:  The first floor will be used as living quarters to house approximately 60 children, plus office space.  The second floor will be a large multipurpose room that can be used to host visitors, hold Church services, Bible school classes, conduct activities with the children, as well as educational classes for the elderly, widows and other members of the community.   Further-more, this facility would be used as a place to where the community can congregate and participate in other activities such as education in self care.  For instance, there are significant numbers of occurrences of strokes (leaving numbers of people permanently crippled) in south India that may be attributed to the high salt content diet.  Educating the locals about eating a proper diet would possibly lower these occurrences and save lives.

Other uses of the facility would include using it as cooling center during the deadly summer heat waves that hit south India each year.  Numbers of elderly people in recent years have died from the heat.  The elderly in these villages tend to live in extreme poverty and having a cool place to seek respite during hot summer days would be a life saving gift. This project will be used to benefit and bless the community for any years and even decades to come, spiritually and physically.  Separate bathroom, kitchen and dining facilities will be located on the same property but not directly attached to the main facility.  We also plan to add a play ground on this property.

A price list is provided below for materials and equipment for this project.  Your help with any of these items would be greatly appreciated.   Additionally, you may become a monthly sponsor of any of our children for $40 per child by visiting our website.  Note:  Donations go to aid the needs of those being served; no USA staff is paid from your donations.   Thank you for your generous consideration and God Bless You!

Estimated Project Costs

Sand:  $4,500 Cement:  $12,000 Iron:  $9,500
Stone:  $4,500 Bricks: $9,500 Labor:  $8,000
Furniture: chairs, cots and mattresses: $2,000 Playground:  $2,000
Stoves and kitchen items: $1,000 Kitchen furniture and equipment:  $15,000
Wood, doors and windows:  $2,000 Air Condition cooling units:  $6,000
Fitting pipes, water tanks, motor, fans, electrical wiring:  $4,500 Solar Panels:  $6,000 if used only with air conditioning – ($8,000-$10,000 for entire roof of main building)

(Thank you for partnering with RHHI to complete the living quarters of the Children’s Home.)

Currently RHHI is constructing bathroom facilities on the property. 

CURRENT NEED:  RHHI needs financial assistance to complete a kitchen for the orphanage:  Total cost will be $12,000.  If you would like to support please donate on this site.

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